Promotional T-Shirt for your event

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When you watch a game of football or a Formula One match, you will notice that often the players or cars are adorned with the branding of large companies hoping to spread awareness. This way the branding is seen by millions, and by even more when the fans then buy their own sports shirts with the branding recreated for authenticity.

Of course this costs a company incredible amounts, and is outside the realm of possibility for the smaller company hoping to spread their awareness with some smart marketing techniques. Fortunately with promotional shirts and polo shirts you can achieve much the same effect for a fraction of the price.

Promotional shirts and polo shirts are like they sound – shirts with the company logo or name splashed across the chest or back. Of course by giving these away you will not see your logo on the backs of professional sports stars, and no one wearing them is likely to be televised meaning you won’t get quite the same reach for your money. However, you will still get your logo seen by many more people than just the person receiving the gift.

With your logo on your back, people are likely to do their shopping, go for walks, collect children from school and engage in many more casual activities and outings. This then means that your logo will be seen by everyone they come into contact with – everyone in the shop during their shopping trip for example and all the other parents collecting their children from work. If they go on holiday they might even wear your promotional shirts there – meaning that you’ll spread your brand to other countries. Even if your customers and clients don’t feel inclined to do this, you can still buy promotional shirts for yourself and for your staff and can thereby purposefully wear your shirts to high profile events. The second great thing about shirts is that they are often worn outdoors for sporting events and that will make your promotional items more likely to be worn in public areas.

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Your promotional shirts and polo shirts will get more exposure too in a secondary manner. For example if a photo is taken of someone in your promotional shirts then this will be seen by even more people. If you’re very lucky then you might even find that a photo in a paper or magazine features someone wearing your promotional shirts giving you free exposure that you would normally have to pay a lot for. At the same time, imagine if someone wearing one of your promotional shirts should catch a baseball – then they’ll be shown on the screen to everyone in attendance at the game. Even if someone just uses one of those photos for their Facebook ‘profile’ picture, then immediately your promotional shirts or polo shirts will be seen by everyone they’re friends with on the site. In this way, your promotional clothing can be seen by thousands if not millions of people, and the more you give away the more likely you are to have your items get some real exposure.

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