Create custom T-Shirt, Jersey, Sweatshirts, Cotton Caps and other Promotional Branding accessories with no minimum order quantity. Print your own logo, slogans, quotes, graphic artwork designs, creative collage on your product. We provide four types of Printing services that are Digital, Screen, Embroidery, Rubber.

Promotional Branding

Provide one-stop solution for all apparel and textile to Print High quality Products in Sri Lanka

Best Pricing

The wide range of apparel and textile manufactured with an amazing discount on the bulk orders.

Premium Quality

We are using guaranteed high-quality fabrics with cotton materials, that will gives you the comfort experience.

Outstanding Support

We have dedicated experts who are willing to solve your queries at any time also eager to serve even more.

Sanmal Trade : Your Comprehensive Branding Partner

Welcome to “Sanmal Trade” of Sanmal International, one of the diverse industrial solution provider, best known for Electrical, Project Management and Import/Export of Apparel Products Line. We work on the principle of “Make it Simple”, So nothing is complex here with Sanmal. We have vast experience in various set of styles, Patterns & Clients.

Make your premium t-shirt designs in bulk. Personalize with your logo, text, martial arts or any printed artwork to promote your brand / business. Get the fastest t-shirt printing with BULK’s high-end Eco-friendly colors with our four types of Printing services that are Digital, Screen, Embroidery and Rubber.
We would love to be your brand partner for brand promotion.




Keep your Brand on top of the mind with the huge range of printed & embroidered promotional products.

Success Story

The first thing that you should realize is that many companies use corporate t shirts as their main form of advertising. This is because many companies realized how far a well-designed t shirt can go.
Think our Sanmal Cars Brand t-shirt, which has customers actually paying for their own promotional gear. The reason that this approach works with startup companies is because the t shirts that they sell are stylish. The more stylish your logo, the more likely it is that your customers will actually pay to get their own promotional shirt. It’s also worth noting that many companies who choose this route also will make an effort to sell these shirts at popular concerts, events, and shows.

The use of promotional T-shirts is not new.

In fact these T-shirts have been used to promote various items for almost as long as T-shirts have existed. You will find this fact to be true when you look at the logos which can be found on T-shirts like Polo, Lacoste. The emblems found on these T-shirts are synonymous with these brands and the quality they represent is well known. This recognition you have with these brand emblems is one aspect of the promotional usage found with clothes like T-shirts.

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